Mission Statement

A Community where Interpersonal Violence has been replaced by Equality, Empowerment and Emotional & Physical Safety.

MCVP’s Mission is:

  1. To respond to domestic & sexual violence & stalking in our community by providing a care & support system for survivors.
  2. To work to end interpersonal violence in all forms through primary prevention, community engagement & collaboration.

Shared Beliefs:

  • Emotional, physical and sexual violence are unacceptable. No one should have to be a survivor: We believe in the right to live free from violence and the fear of violence and that everyone deserves respect.
  • Breaking the cycle. We believe prevention & intervention must be at work simultaneously until we reach our vision
  • Empowerment and self-determination: We believe in the right to have control over one’s body, mind and spirit.
  • Health: We believe that individual, organization & community health are interrelated and that trauma exposure can negatively impact health and well-being.
  • Growth:  We affirm the importance of personal, professional and organizational growth.
  • Integrity & Respect: We value integrity and respect as guiding principles in all our work.

Adopted by MCVP Board of Directors 4/23/12