Keene Green Dot

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Keene Green Dot is a bystander-focused initiative aimed at reducing the rates of power-based personal violence in our community.

Keene Green Dot offers a variety of trainings, talks, and summits to help educate the Keene community.

Overview Talk:

Introduces the basic elements of the Green Dot Strategy using inspirational language to engage participants in immediate action. The Overview also generates community wide buy in, and begins the process of behavioral change that will establish these new community norms: 

  • Violence is not tolerated in Keene
  • Everyone has to do something

These are a free 1-1.5 hour talk that can be brought right you and your workplace or social and/or civic group!

Bystander Training:

Equips participants with the necessary connection, knowledge, and skills to increase their proactive and reactive bystander behaviors. This training utilizes role-plays, videos and other exercises to maximize the level of engagement of participants, preparing them to apply the concepts of the curriculum to their own lives and practice the skills they need to be proactive bystanders.

These are free day long trainings (5-6 hours) that can be brought right to you and your workplace or social and/or civic group!

Youth Summits:

A fun and low-stress way to expose Keene’s youth to the key messages of Green Dot and ensure that they are informed about ongoing efforts to prevent violence in their community. We want them to know about and feel connected to what adults are doing to make their community safer.

For more information, or to schedule a training please contact Megan at Keene Green Dot: or 352-3844 x 203

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You can’t everything, but you can do something!