Outreach Programs

Community Outreach Programs

Customized presentations for community and faith-based organizations, social service agencies, medical and legal professionals, business owners and law enforcement are developed to raise awareness and understanding of domestic and sexual violence and stalking. MCVP is proud to sponsor/co-sponsor a variety of outreach and awareness programs throughout the year at community fairs and events.

Faith Community Outreach
MCVP will be focusing its outreach efforts on the local faith community to mark Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Many local congregations pass out prayer cards provided by MCVP, and make special mention of the many survivors of domestic violence in their community. Our outreach staff will be offering free workshops for groups aligned with the faith community, facilitating discussions on how best to support those survivors and their families.

Domestic Violence in the Workplace 
Consultation provided with businesses to help them recognize their unique and significant roles in addressing domestic violence. Workplaces of all types can create cost-effective domestic violence prevention and intervention programs by proactively offering resources, training opportunities and implementing pertinent policies.

Medical Advocacy Program

Provides updates on screening methods and tools, presents new research, explores model programs and identifies potential collaborative service opportunities. Medical professionals and crisis centers have the ability to collaborate on best practices of domestic violence screening and for providing subsequent services. They are also in a position to jointly advocate for and implement best practices in family violence prevention.