Domestic Violence Information

What to do if you are a victim of Domestic Violence and need 6109224_origassistance in a crisis:

  1. Go to a safe place – call a friend and/or the Monadnock Center for Violence Prevention for help. A trained advocate can provide you with immediate support and information.
  2. If you’re still in danger, the advocate can contact the police or emergency services for you.
  3. It is important to remember that unless the abuser gets a clear message that you won’t tolerate any more violence, it will not only continue, it will most likely increase.
  4. Remember, whatever you tell an advocate is confidential. No one else has any right to know what you have said and the advocate will not take any action without your consent.
  5.  If you are the victim of ongoing emotional abuse and just need to talk to someone, call the Monadnock Center for Violence Prevention. The advocate can help by listening, by offering alternatives, by just being there for you.

We also offer support services for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault.