Useful Smart Phone Apps

We’re all on the go these days, and these apps help us with our busy lives by giving us quick, safety information!


  • Specific to NH college campuses
  • Resources based on area
  • Step by step help for survivors
  • Features include: “friend texts” to get you out of a situation & drink codes to signal to a bartender you’re sensing warn
  • ing behaviorslogo-blue-bg


  • Alerts registered friends when you may be in danger
  • In crisis, sends location to registered friends
  • Registered family and friends can view your location



  • Fake call feature
  • Alert friends by touch or voice
  • Records 10 second video w
    hen alert is set off


Circle of 6

  • Register “Circle” to have quick but
  • ton access to services such as:
    • Send Location
    • Request call or text
  • Helpful links about safety and to hotlines, including those by demographic