Volunteer FAQs

Q: Who is qualified to become a MCVP volunteer?

A: You are qualified if: 
• You are 18 years of age or older;
• You are sensitive to issues of sexual assault and domestic violence;
• You are open minded and non-judgmental in your interaction with
• You successfully complete and fulfill all aspects of MCVP’s training program for volunteers.

 Q: What do Volunteers do at MCVP?

A: Crisis Intervention Workers provide confidential support, information, and advocacy to victims of domestic violence and sexual assault, the families, and friends either over the phone or in person at police stations, hospitals or the MCVP office. Volunteer Court advocates assist with filing domestic violence petitions, other related court procedures, and are available to accompany a domestic violence or sexual assault victim through the court process. Educational Volunteers work in the schools to help conduct programs about sexual assault and domestic violence, and to make community presentations. Office and Fundraising Volunteers provide office or special event support to the agency.

 Q: How would I know the right thing to say/do for victims?

A:  Volunteer Crisis Intervention Workers are provided with extensive training before working with victims. This training covers a wide range of topics and provides ample opportunity for volunteers to practice responses to a variety of situations. In-service sessions are up to date with the latest information needed to assist survivors, their families and friends.

 Q: Isn’t doing this work depressing?

A: Many people fear that doing this type of work will overwhelm them. Most Crisis Intervention Workers find, however, that it is very rewarding to have helped empower a person who is going through a crisis related to sexual assault/abuse. We learn as much about people’s strength as we do about their pain. Volunteers have the satisfaction of knowing that the work they do makes a real difference, both in individual lives and in the struggle to end sexual and domestic violence in our society.

 Q: How can I get involved?

A: To register for volunteer training or for more information, contact the Direct Services Coordinator at Monadnock Center for Violence Prevention – (603)-352-3844.