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Planned Giving

Leave a Lasting Legacy

It is important for all of us to plan ahead. Not only to ensure that we are taken care of in later years, but also so we can enjoy those years. We also want our assets distributed according to our wishes.

As part of your planning, we hope you will consider leaving a gift for MCVP: Crisis & Prevention Center, to help us break the cycle of violence for future generations here in the Monadnock region.

Types of Planned Giving


 A simple way to make a planned gift, these charitable contributions are left as bequests in a legal will. This can be a specific amount or percentage.

Charitable Gift Annuities

A contract between you, the donor, and MCVP, where in exchange for a gift of cash or securities, MCVP makes lifetime income payments to you, or a person you designate.

Charitable Remainder Trust

There are a few types of charitable remainder trusts, but in each, the remaining funds from the trust would go to MCVP. This type of trust helps you permanently set aside funds to receive income for life.

Retirement Plans & Life Insurance

You can name MCVP as the beneficiary of your life insurance policy or unused retirement assets.


When you give to MCVP at the leadership level ($780 or more a year), you have a major impact on the organization and what MCVP can achieve.

Your donation ensures services like our 24-hour crisis line remain operational, and our For Now House emergency shelter stays funded and open for survivors fleeing danger. It also ensures the most up-to-date training and support for MCVP advocates to offer the best possible care to survivors. It also allows our educational programming to continue growing and reaching more of the region’s youth.

How to Give

Donating online has never been easier. You can give directly to MCVP by going to

Click the donate button and make your donation fast and securely online. You can make your gift one-time, monthly, or quarterly.

This allows you to make a charitable contribution to a private fund administered through a third-party (i.e. Schwab or Fidelity). You receive an immediate tax deduction for the entire amount, and you recommend grants and funds to nonprofits, like MCVP.

MCVP accepts gifts of stock. When donated, you don’t pay capital gains tax. Talk to your broker to learn more.

For more information or to discuss making a donation

 Contact our Development Director at

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