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One Love Foundation: Escalation Workshop

MCVP’s prevention team members are trained One Love Escalation Workshop facilitators. The Escalation Workshop consists of a 40 minute video, discussion and activation piece. The video follows a young, college couple’s relationship. Along the relationship viewers see subtle and dangerous warning signs that a healthy relationship is turning unhealthy and abusive. The mission of this workshop is to provide young people with the tools to recognize the warning signs of relationship abuses, remembering that emotional abuse if a major issue that is often overlooked and not acknowledged. This workshop also goes over bystander intervention and resources.

At the college level, we can either facilitate a workshop or be a support for trained students and staff.

Consent Workshop

Participants will discuss active consent, both what it sounds and looks like and what it does not sound and look like. We will also discuss communication techniques while teaching a three step method for understanding consent. participants will also have the chance to practice with scenarios in small groups and all together.

Bystander Intervention

We will raise awareness about interpersonal violence and discuss microaggressions as the precursor to this violence. participants will also learn about how bystander intervention can be researched and taught. We will work through four methods of intervening in a tense situation discussing barriers and alternative options. Then we will work in small groups using scenarios to practice our new skills.

Film Screenings

MCVP advocates and educators are also available for to aid student groups and faculty/staff in planning and hosting events, film screenings with or without discussion facilitation, and tabling activities in residence halls or common student areas.

For more information please contact:

Gianna Ricco

Prevention Education Program Director

603-352-3844 x208 or

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