School Programs

Pre-K & Elementary School:

Prevent Child Abuse Vermont: Care for Kids (Grades Pre-K – 2nd)**:

The Care for Kids curriculum, designed for children ages 3-8 includes developmentally appropriate activities/messages that enhance development of children’s self-esteem, respect for self and others, rewarding human relationships and the avoidance of sexual coercion. This program is a 6-12 session program.

Prevent Child Abuse Vermont: We Care Elementary (Grades 3rd-6th)**:

A curriculum for students in grades 3 to 6. Each grade level includes 6 lessons that focus on various topics related to healthy relationships. Topics include feelings, communication, recognizing boundaries, asking for permission and being a bystander.

Middle School:

Prevent Child Abuse Vermont: The Sexual Abuse Free Environment for Teens™ (SAFE-T) (Grades 7th & 8th)**:

A curriculum for 7th and 8th grade students, SAFE-T includes 10 lessons in each grade with a focus on skills-building related to healthy relationships. The curriculum can be shortened to seven lessons.

One Love Foundation: Couplets (Grades 6th-8th):

The One Love Foundation’s Couplet curriculum uses short (10-20 second) videos to showcase example of healthy and unhealthy relationship characteristics. The curriculum covers intensity, put-downs, anger, disrespect, guilt, control, obsession and isolation. The videos are accompanied by a lively class discussion and activities. The core learn goals of this program is self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision making. Can be completed in one to eight class sessions.

Sexual Harassment, Boundaries and Consent Workshops & Presentations: 

MCVP: Crisis & Prevention Education team can compile curriculum centered around sexual harassment: the effects, what it looks like, flirting vs. harassment, the legal ramifications, provide tools and resources; boundaries: how to recognize them, what to do if they’ve been crossed or if you’ve crossed someone else’s boundaries and how to start conversations around boundaries. The Look, Listen and Check-in tool is also provided to students; consent: active vs. passive, affirmative, how to know if there is or is not consent in situations and how to get help when consent was not given.

We can also cover sexting and sending nude photos and what it can do socially and emotionally to someone, as well as the legal ramifications for minors, while creating a safe space for students to ask questions and get help if needed.

High School:

Teen Relationship Violence Workshops & Presentations (Grades 9-12)
MCVP can tailor programming around healthy relationship building by introducing early warning signs of abusive behavior, exploring the impact of gender roles and stereotypes on relationships and familiarizing students with local and national resources. We also cover sexual assault awareness and risk reduction along with sexting and sending nude photos and what it can do socially and emotionally to someone, as well as the legal ramifications for minors, while creating a safe space for students to ask questions and get help if needed.

One Love Foundation (Grades 9-12):

  • Because I Love You
    • “Because I Love You” is one example of a phrase that can take on a different meaning and be used for mental manipulation in unhealthy and abusive relationships. One Love’s Because I Love You program is a video pairing “Because I Love You” and “Because I Love You – Double Whiskey” that takes viewers through the subtleties of early warning signs to more apparent unhealthy behaviors. Both videos are paired with follow along guides and a lively discussion after both videos. This program can be completed in one-two class sessions.
  • Escalation Workshop (Grades 11-12 & College)
    • MCVP’s prevention team members are trained One Love Escalation Workshop facilitators. The Escalation Workshop consists of a 40 minute video, discussion and activation piece. The video follows a young, college couple’s relationship. Along the relationship viewers see subtle and dangerous warning signs that a healthy relationship is turning unhealthy and abusive. The mission of this workshop is to provide young people with the tools to recognize the warning signs of relationship abuses, remembering that emotional abuse if a major issue that is often overlooked and not acknowledged. This workshop also goes over bystander intervention and resources.
  • Behind the Post
    • “Behind the Post” is a short 7 minute video that follows a young couple’s relationship both through social media and “behind the post”. It engages viewers to discuss reality versus social media and how to recognize warning signs that what someone may be seeing online is actually unhealthy and abusive. It also covers the pressure young people feel to be #relationshipgoals and showcase the “perfect” relationship. This workshop can be completed in one class session.

In Their Shoes (Grades 9-12):

This program follows the true stories of six teenagers experiences with unhealthy and abusive relationship in an interactive format. The students are given story cards and follow their persons story from station to station. At each station students are able to make a decision based on the information provided that will either have positive or negative outcomes. Along the way, they see firsthand where things either go wrong or right for the teenagers. This program covers unhealthy relationships, abusive relationships, stalking, racism, sexual coercion, murder/suicide and LGBQ+ specific relationship abuse. This program can be completed in one class period. Due to the nature of this lesson, we recommend not doubling classes — this helps keep the flow of the room and discussion focused.

Support Groups

Our educators are happy to explore support group facilitation within your school based on the needs of the students.

Click Here for A Fact Sheet on Teen Dating Violence


Nurturing Healthy Sexual Development by Prevent Child Abuse Vermont (PCAVT):
The Nurturing Healthy Sexual Development training is designed to help adults better understand the sexual development of children and learn how to respond to children’s sexuality in ways that promote healthy development.  This is a two-hour workshop.

 Don’t see something you’re interested in bringing to your workplace or school? Let us know and we may be able to create a program tailored to your needs.