NH Gives 2021: Impact Survivors by Investing in Shelter Repairs!

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You helped us raised over $17,000 last year, let’s do that again!


MCVP: Crisis & Prevention Center is raising funds during NH Gives for the For Now House emergency shelter. 

In the flurry of everything shutting down last year, we had to cancel our Spring events that we love to share with you. In addition to bringing the community together, these events helped raise significant funds for MCVP. Signing on for NH Gives last year, we weren’t sure what to expect. But wow! We could not believe the support you all showed us last year. That is why we’re trying this virtual event again!

This year, we are raising funds for our For Now House emergency shelter. Our confidential shelter houses survivors, including children, who are fleeing imminent danger from domestic violence. The guests who stay in our shelter are often experiencing the most lethal phase of domestic violence. More than 70% of domestic violence lethalities happen when the victims are in the process of leaving or have just left the abusive relationship.

Having a safe and secure building is crucial in keeping survivors safe. As our shelter ages (going on 20 years), the facility is needing some TLC. It’s struggling to keep pace with current efficiency standards, creating noticeable issues with heating and cooling, and costing us more. The existing windows fail to provide an insulated climate for our shelter guests and the leaking skylights and broken doors pose comfort and security risks.

Our guests’ safety and peace of mind rely on having windows and doors that are functional, can be properly secured, and cannot be easily broken.

Your support during NH Gives will help remedy these issues. This year the event is taking place again on June 8th & 9th, running from 5 P.M. on the 8th to 5 P.M on the 9th.

Remember the matching funds last year? Well, this year, the NH Center for Nonprofits has secured even more — $300,000 in matching funds! These funds will be spread throughout the entirety of the event in “Match Minutes,” giving us plenty of opportunities to receive matching funds. Additionally, our Board is generously matching up to $2,500 in donations made during the event. 

Over the coming weeks, you’ll be hearing more from us with more details about the matches and how to register for the event. Until then, you can bookmark our NH Gives Page, so you’ll have it ready for June 8th: MCVP NH Gives Page

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